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We would like to inform all our customers that Calls may be recorded for Training and Quality purposes


1. As a company we always try our best to provide quick, easy and safe transportation to our customers, However Company is not liable to make any sort of compensation in the event of delays, missing your flight, missing your train or missing any appointment due to traffic situation as we do use public roads and this is something beyond our control.

2. Our operators may provide you with estimated journey times but as a company we will not be liable or take any responsibility in case of any delays due to unforeseen circumstances as we do use public roads. We strongly advice all our customers to plan your journey by yourself using online tools one of good example: http://www.theaa.com/route-planner) and always allow maximum time.

3. All customers travelling to airports must allow at least 2 hours journey time to reach airport to avoid any complications

4. All Customers travelling to mainline train stations such as St Pancras or Victoria or any other main stations must allow at least 90min journey time and during rush hours WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU MUST add extra 30min to the journey so you don’t have to rush to catch the train specially if you are travelling with lot of luggage along with kids

5. Traffic rush hours are 06:00 – 10:00 in the morning and 17:00 to 20:00 in the evening

6. We strongly recommend all our customers to make pre-booking and also allow maximum extra time for their journey to reach destination comfortably without rushing

7. As a company we do not take any responsibility for any delay due to traffic, accidents or due to any unforeseen circumstances which caused delay in our service


Our online booking system opens for all customers but Jupiter Cars may not be able to cover booking outside our coverage areas, an advance notice up to 2 to 4 hours will be given to customer in case if we cannot cover any booking outside our coverage area and no responsibility will be accepted by Jupiter Cars or any of its employees neither any compensation will be offered.


All cancellations required minimum of 2 hours notice before pickup time to make sure there is no cancellation charges applies. Full cancellation charges will apply for any cancellation within 2 hours before pickup time.

if Jupiter Cars cancel your booking due to following reasons
- Unavailability of drivers
- If we are fully booked
- Pickup address located outside our Coverage area
- Any unknow reason
- Unforeseen circumstances
- For Our Drivers Safety

In case Jupiter Cars cancel any booking due to above reason or any other reason no further clarification will be provided. Minimum of 2 to 4 hours cancelation notice period will be given to customer for passenger to arrange alternative transportation or to organize different method of travelling


All our airport pickup and drop-off excluded any airport parking charges, please refer to relevant airport website for complete information regarding airport car park parking or drop-off charges.


Waiting charges are £20 per hour, however for airport pickup we provide 30 minutes free waiting time after landing time, if customer would like extra time after landing please do mention it while making a booking to make sure you not get charged any additional waiting time.


1. The company doesn’t have any insurance for goods or property in transit.

2. Customers are advised to arrange their own insurance for carrying any goods or property in transit


1. If customers are entering into a transaction with the company for their own goods or are acting as agents for transfer of goods of another owner, these terms and conditions apply to both. Thus the customer is accepting these terms and conditions for themselves and for the third party.

2. Company has all the rights to employ any of their servants for performing any service relevant to them and can instruct the transfer of courier completely to them or a part of this service.

3. Company reserves the right to guide the route for transfer at its own discretion. Company can follow any route or procedure for transfer services. However subject to suitable instructions or opinion from customer, the company is liberal to do it in interest of both itself and the customer.

4. Company warrantees all transfer of goods in the most effective manner provided they are properly packed, labelled and paid.

5. Company’s offers and quotations can be accepted by customer between a time frame of 7 days and the customer should verify any such quotation before acceptance.

6. Company is not responsible for any damage or loss of goods during transfer.

7. In event of any confidential couriers to be sent, Customer must provide clear instruction to operator while making a booking and also provide clear guideline to drivers to follow.

8. Due to recent serious courier scams company may have to disclose sender's information to the receivers, In case of any confidential documentation the sender wishes not to disclose it must be given in writing and signed for.

9. Company shall be held responsible if it proves that instructions given by customer were not followed that is for negligence which results in damage or loss.

10. Company shall be discharged from all the liability of loss or damage or mis-delivery of package caused if the customer has not written to company regarding it within 7 days. However a computed claim is made within 28 days after consignment transit ends.

11. Company would not be dealing in any goods that are dangerous, explosive, hazardous or illegal that could cause damage according to state law. Customer should not deliver any such goods to the company to handle for delivery however if a situation arises where a loss is caused in connection to the goods delivered all claims and penalties shall be indemnified by the customer.

12. Company would not be deliver any money or securities, precious stones, coins, antiques, jewellery, livestock or plants, pictures or any other valuables. Thus customer should deliver any such goods to the company. The company shall not be liable to pay any loss or damage in connection to such goods.

13. The Company would not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage to china glass, ceramics or any other breakable goods. It may include accident, breakdown, weather conditions, traffic or any other circumstances beyond the control of company.