Bollywood Diva, Zoya Factor Girl Sonam Kapoor Had a SCARIEST RIDE in London!

It is a nightmare for everyone if you somehow end up getting a scariest ride where either you get involved in an accident or you got an abusive driver. This is what exactly happened recently on the roads of London with none other than one of the famous Bollywood actresses and Fashionista Sonam Kapoor Ahuja who experienced the “scariest ride” using a famous cab service. She advised using local transport and local cab services!

With her so many frequent travels between India and London, she is often using cab hiring services but this time it was a complete disaster situation for her. “The driver was yelling and shouting. I was shaking by the end of it”, the Zoya Factor actress tweeted about her experience on Thursday. She further advised her fans to be safe and use local transport or local cab services available in London.

According to Sonam Kapoor, a driver from the famous cab hiring app was yelling and shouting over her. After her tweet about the whole incident, many people comment about their views whereas the authorities from the cab hiring companies respond back to Sonam Kapoor’s tweet. They apologized for the trauma she went through and asked her to share the details of the driver. The also encouraged to launch complain. But the response of the Bollywood actress to those tweets was simple “The damage is done”

It’s really traumatic where one gets to face such a traumatic experience that left you shaken. Sonam shared her traumatic experience with her fans and asked them to be safe while using cab hiring apps and advised to use local cab services. We really wish Sonam is getting over this scariest ride she had to have. To all people out there, local cab services at Jupiter Cars are available all over London. We deal with airport, cruise, and station transfer cab service making your life easier with polite and humble drivers who will make you feel comfortable and relaxed rather than anxious! So, if you live in London or visiting just like the Diva, book Jupiter Cars cab service!