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We would like to inform all our Drivers that all Calls may be recorded for Training, Quality and Monitoring purposes


We Jupiter Cars provide Jobs to drivers and charges fixed 20% commission, our working week begins on Monday and finishes on Sunday, we allow two extra days for drivers to pay their commission. Payment deadline is every Tuesday before 18:00, failure to pay commission on time could result a weekly fine will be added to your statement of account


All drivers must dress smartly while picking passengers especially from Airport with Collar Shirt, Tie, Dress Shoes and wear PCO Badge, no jeans and trainers allowed strictly


Vehicle must kept clean in & out at all time anyone found breach of this policy will be straightway fine up to £50 without any excuse, According to law you must use all safety equipment’s while driving and make sure your seatbelt, lights, aircon, heating all fully working and MUST not charge extra for using aircon or heating


It is illegal to travel with any passenger without booking and drivers are not allowed to book any jobs, in case any passenger would like to take any bookings or book any journey please advise them to contact office directly. Any Driver found taking booking directly from customers or making Jupiter Customer their own private customer will be fine up to £500 and suspended also TFL will be informed through guideline given by TFL “London Taxi and Private Hire PHV/105 Notification of complaint or driver dismissal” with complete driver and booking detail


All drivers MUST inform office if they are also working with any other company, it has to be approved by office and YOU MUST not display or advertise any other company in any manner while Jupiter Cars Customer is inside your car and must not do any kind of marketing or sales


Any Driver wants to leave the company MUST provide at-least two weeks written notice by emailing us to admin@JupiterCars.Com


1. This is driver responsibility to check flight status, landing time and correct terminal
2. Only go inside once you made contact with Customer or follow instructions given under driver notes
3. Must stand on arrival with the name board provided JupiterCars with Jupiter Cars logo
4. 40 minutes are free after landing time in addition to customer specific request for extra time after landing i.e. 30min+ which means customer will have 70 minutes free waiting time after flight landing
5. Always confirm full name and full destination address from customer to make sure you are picking up correct passenger 6. If parking is more than £10 always calls office otherwise you will lose the rest of the money
7. Contact office and must not argue with passenger in case of any conflict in fare, parking or any other charges, only office allowed to decide fares and other charges


We charge £5 every week for Cordic App for our dispatching system to make sure you are charged correctly always inform office for your time off & holidays via Email on admin@JupiterCars.Com to make sure you are not getting charge service fees.


Promoting any other company while working with JupiterCars.COM i.e. distributing cards or advertising other companies in any means you will be dismissed immediately and TFL may be informed guideline given by TFL “London Taxi and Private Hire PHV/105 Notification of complaint or driver dismissal”


You must not contact any JupiterCars.Com customer after the job by any means including Social Media, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook etc. or must not store any customer personal details including address or phone number as its against data protection or else you will be dismissed immediately and TFL will be informed guideline given by TFL “London Taxi and Private Hire PHV/105 Notification of complaint or driver dismissal”


Driver MUST ONLY charge the fares that is displayed on App , in case of any changes in destination, diversion or any other changes then the controller must be informed and follow updated fare on App, Drivers are not allowed to decide their own fares and it is against the law


MUST NOT handle any customer PHYSICALLY or lock inside the car over any conflict as it’s called **KIDNAPPING** and you can be prosecuted


Private Hire Operator: While working with us you are not allowed to open same business within 5 miles radius and must inform office before you intend to apply Operator License; also you must inform office if you are working in any other taxi company under the same role


1. Commission: 20% Fixed Commission and Debit/Credit Card charged depending on card processing company charges
2. Cordic App Fees: £5 per week pays weekly in advance
3. Deadline: You will receive commission sheet every Monday and you MUST clear your balance every Tuesday before 6pm otherwise you will be charged £10 late fee by system automatically
4. Deposit: £100 fully refundable deposit will be require before you start work with Jupiter Cars, two weeks’ notice will be required if you would like to leave the company and would like to withdraw your deposit back
5. Account Work: It will be deducted from your commission following week and any excessive amount will be credited into your bank account on every Friday


TFL has come up with very strict policy about customer complains to be taken care very seriously and subsequently report to TFL on weekly basis along with the job reports that are submitted, please review the attached form which is now new requirement given by TFL every time we received Driver complaints


Failure to pay the office commission during the maximum of 4 weeks’ time also will be reported to the TFL with the same form, and that will effect renewing Driver Private Hire License and immediately TFL will revoke current Private Hire License due to not compliance of Private Hire Driver licensing guideline/requirement given by TFL under “Character Requirement”– You must be Good Character. Jupiter Cars reserved all rights to take any legal action to recover money and to inform Police about any fraudulent activity including non-payment


You should never be rude with any customers and any member of the staff working with JupiterCars.Com always be polite and helpful


it’s your responsibility you must pick up and drop-off customer with complete safety, You must stop your vehicle on safe place before you pick up or drop-off customer to ensure Customer & your own safety


We Jupiter Cars provide Jobs to drivers and charges fixed 20% commission, our working week begins on Monday and finishes on Sunday, we allow two extra days for drivers to pay their commission. Payment deadline is every Tuesday before 18:00Hrs, failure to pay commission on time could result a weekly fine imposed and will be added to your statement of account.


By accepting any job provided by Jupiter Cars you are accepting our drivers terms and conditions, Job accepted to comply is the full responsibility of the driver, notwithstanding any major emergency occurrence (provided immediate notice where alternate can be arranged) driver is liable to honor the booking, by any means of negligence in doing so, the compensation of full fare of the journey will be paid by the driver where company is settling the account with customer. Drivers are fully responsible to compensate customers directly in the event of customer missed their flight, train or any important meeting due to driver’s negligence, carelessness, oversleeping or unnecessary delays after accepting the job


That the entire team works for mutual benefits where office works 24/7 to create work for the driving team and the driving team to fulfil the task during the different shift timing

That in very rare cases mishaps arouses during both the office and driving team work duration upon which it’s everyone responsibility to tackle the situation to go thorough to sort things out rather blaming/quarreling/time wasting etc. onto each other and try pursuit to present the losses in front

That this situation will bring losses to both the teams, office in losing their time explaining the cause along with missing calls to create new bookings and drivers in losing their time also next task to get onboard and complete

That this is very much understood no one purposely do things wrong as this is the bread n butter for us all

That blunders are intolerable but, miner mistakes can be corrected during time and should not be repeated in future

That the “customers always right” we follow the rule but, in any case where we feel that something needs to be clarified our system allows us to get into any detail we want and presented when required

That the fares are not the same every time when there are more sometimes are less this is how it balances in our industry keeping in view the competition among, we all have to keep this in mind and recall our memories when needed

That the (cash jobs) unrecoverable charges paid by the driving team such as parking/waiting etc. shouldn’t be claimed from company or the entity however, this can be compensated right after the incident into the manner of other job/s which can be offered in priorities and things that maybe helpful

That the jobs paid by credit/debit or by any other medium of payment are secured from the above incidents in case of no show etc

That the driving team providing their precious time and efforts will never go in vain as we are trying very hard to increase the business like it used to be few years back by getting new accounts

That the fare calculation is undergo and will take place soon but, we all have to know that without going into loss it’s an opportunity to fulfil all the tasks comes to cover in our domain knowing the market situation with very strong competition. (Policy described Sale must be done) provided no loss to no one


This is to inform all the drivers that concerning commission sheet, parking or any job discrepancies shall be communicated via email at: admin@JupiterCars.Com, not with calling office, once again! Must not be calling office, also any discrepancies must be reported via email within 3 (three) working days failure to which the issue will not be resolved including any compensations, amendments, adjustments or parking.


The Data Protection Act 2018 is a United Kingdom Act of Parliament which updates data protection laws in the UK. It is a national law which complements the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and updates the Data Protection Act 1998

Drivers are not allowed to store or save any customer information by any means, form or shape which including customer name, contact number, email address, any social media links etc. or any other information

Drivers are not allowed to contact customer directly or indirectly with any means which including mobile phone, fixed phone, text messages, social media etc. or written once job is completed

Drivers are not allowed to obtain information about other drivers which includes anything or everything related to other drivers If any Driver call or email Jupiter Cars to get information in relations with other drivers pay, working hours, commission, other charges, complaints, documents or anything else Office will refuse to give out any information, repeated offender will be asked to leave the Jupiter Cars and officials will be informed breaching Data Protection Act