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Business Accounts

With our taxi minicab business account for airport transfers, enjoy:

Online booking facility is available, easy and quick to use

Economic & competitive rates and state of the art fleet

Travel safely and comfort, luxury at one place

Focus on long term relationship building


With highly trained and experienced

drivers, we provide secure and safe



Our customer support is available

round the clock, 365 days a year

support from our HQ


Even if the journey takes long

or its peak traffic hours

fares are surcharge free

With Taxi Minicab Business Account for Airport Transfers – Booking is No Longer a Hassle

When you select a taxi minicab business accounts for airport transfers provided by Jupiter Cars, you have nothing to worry about. Here at Jupiter Cars, we aim to provide you the best quality. Moreover, we always believe in meeting customers’ requirements. We pay special attention to provide you comfort. But not just comfort while having a journey with us. We believe in providing comfort from step one when you book our taxi airport transfer business account. In order to make it easy for you to book our services, we also have an online booking option. You can book any of our services easily by using our website or our app.

The process is simple and quick. All the options of services, fleet, and rates are available on our website. You can easily choose options which are best for you.

Not Just Some Service, But an Experience

With Jupiter Cars you will get the most competitive and economical rates. When using a taxi minicab business account for airport transfers by Jupiter Cars, you will get the best quality at affordable rates. We make sure you have a safe journey. Thus we have a state of the art fleet. There are various options in our fleet. You can choose the vehicle of your choice. We are here to provide you the best deals always.  In this way, we are not aiming to just provide you a journey but a wholesome experience.


Opening an account only takes a moment. Simply
fill out the registration form and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

Focus on Relationship Building 

Since at Jupiter Cars our customers are a priority for us. So when you select our taxi minicab business account for airport transfers, we are not only going to fulfill your requirements. We also make an effort to surpass them. In this way, we are not here just to provide you a service. We believe in adding value to our basic service. We are here to form a long-lasting relationship with you.


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